ANNA NABULYA | Deputy Director, Uganda Youth Development Link UYDEL


Born on May 23, 1979, in Kampala, Uganda, Anna is the Deputy Director Uganda Youth Development Link a National Non – Government Organization that was started in 1993 to address the plight of vulnerable street and slum young people aged 15-24 years in Uganda. Anna has worked with UYDEL since 2004 and over the years has built expertise implementing programs geared towards the socio- economic transformation of disadvantaged young people through skills development for self reliance. Anna has a Bachelors degree in social sciences with a bias in Social Administration and Psychology and is currently completing a Masters in Organizational Psychology from Makerere University Kampala. Below are some of the major achievements since 2004 to date:

Project Design and Management 

I have experience in Project Cycle management including initiating and participating in Assessments, Project Design, Resource Allocation, Project Implementation and Monitoring & Evaluation. Examples include: Combating Child Trafficking and Exploitation of Children for sexual purposes funded by Acting for Life/ ECPAT France; Prevention Care and support project funded by the Civil Society Fund; Rehabilitation of adolescent commercial sex workers funded by SOAIDS Netherlands and UHMG; Empowerment of OVCs funded by CORE Initiative/MoGLSD; Child Labour funded by ILO/IPEC; and Drug Abuse Prevention funded by Mentor International and IOGT Movement Sweden  among others

Coordination and Administration of People,

Budgets & Projects 

Practical experience and skills in designing and managing multi-Sectoral and integrated programs. From 2004 to date, I have been managing various project/ programs targeting vulnerable street and slum young people aged 15-24years affected by Child Trafficking, Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Child Labour HIV Prevention, Alcohol, Drug and substance abuse prevention, Livelihood empowerment and Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health.

Organizational Capacity Building

Proven experience in conducting Organizational Capacity Assessments (OCAT), Training Needs Assessments (TNA), development of training materials as well as facilitation of Trainings, development of relevant policy documents for organizations. I also participated in the development of Human Resource, Strategic Plans, Assets Policy, Volunteer and Finance Guidelines for the Organization. In 2012, under the Civil Society Fund and AMICALL Partnership I lead a team of the UYDEL staff that participated in capacity building activities and the revision of the strategic plan.

Partnerships and Networks 

Alternate CSO representative on the National Task Force on Child Trafficking coordinated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 2012. I am also the Chairperson for Uganda Coalition against Trafficking in Persons (UCATIP), 2012. This is a coalition made up of 57 CSOs in Uganda advocating for the implementation of the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act 2009.

Vince Dean

Vince Dean served in UK law enforcement for 43 years and for the last 16 years was exclusively involved in the investigation of Human Trafficking working in the National Crime Agency and their predecessors, the Serious Organised Crime Agency and the National Crime Squad.

 He helped develop the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and has recently contributed to the review of the Act.

 As a Senior Manager in the Serious Organised Crime Agency he led over 20 investigations into Human Trafficking in the UK and internationally and worked directly with teams in countries including Jamaica, India, Nigeria and many European countries including Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Hungary. This led to multiple convictions in several countries and the dismantling of numerous organised crime groups.. 

 Vince provided operational tactical advice to Thames Valley Police in their investigation into CSE over a period of 12 months (Operation Bullfinch). This resulted in the conviction of seven offenders for CSE and trafficking offences, with five receiving life terms of imprisonment. 

 Vince has worked with CEPOL (European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training) where he helped develop and re write their ‘Common Curriculum’ course for the investigation of THB.

 He has delivered presentations and training on all aspects of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking across the world to countries including Ukraine, Nigeria, Norway and Jamaica as well as many EU countries.

 Until his retirement from the National Crime Agency he was the Vice Chair of Interpol’s Human Trafficking Experts Group and helped develop Interpol’s international strategy in developing inter country and agency cooperation in the fight against THB.

 In addition to the above Vince has worked with the Home Office Modern Slavery Unit in it’s development of Independent Child Trafficking Advocates under the Modern Slavery Act and the reform of the National Referral Mechanism (MRM) including the identification and training of potential new First responders.

 On leaving the NCA Vince has now taken up a UK Cabinet Office appointment as an independent Chair of Multi Agency Assurance Panels under the reformed NRM. The MAAP’s review all negative Conclusive Ground decisions for potential victim referrals into the NRM.

Lisa photo.jpg

Lisa Nelson

Lisa is a qualified social worker. When she moved from working in safeguarding to working in the specialist team responsible for all unaccompanied asylum seeking children in 2013 she quickly became passionate about this cohort of young people. Lisa, and her colleague Dave, completed all of the age assessments for the authority they worked for, easily amounting to over 150 assessments, they have been to judicial review where they were successful against challenge of their assessment. She would say that this was a fantastic learning opportunity, to observe the line of questioning taken by the judge in the case, and following this experience Lisa took a keen interest in reading relevant case law to see how other Local Authorities were practicing and what learning she could take from this.  

Lisa has been a team manager of a specialist UASC service for a period of 3 years, across two Local Authorities, a city and a county.  She is currently team manager for a specialist social work team with responsibility for all unaccompanied asylum seeking children who are are in the care of the Local Authority or are Care Leavers.  

Lisa has been delivering training to a range of audiences for the last 6 years covering all aspects of working with unaccompanied asylum seeking children and undertaking age assessments. 

While undertaking post qualifying studies Lisa developed an evidence based Trafficking Risk Assessment which is now used in practice by the two authorities that she has worked for.  

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David Atherton

Dave Atherton changed careers and qualified as a social worker in 2007 with a BA Hons in Social work from Staffordshire University, after many years as a professional musician. Since qualifying he spent four years in Staffordshire’s family assessment and support team before  joining the Central Through Care Team specialising in uasc at its inception in 2011.

Since then he has gained a lot of experience in undertaking age assessments and human rights assessments as well as being heavily involved in the development of this specialist team, working to improve the outcomes for all of Staffordshire's unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

Now working as a senior practitioner he is also involved in delivering training to foster carers, educators, and other professionals as well as  undertaking seminars and lectures to social work students.